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Our Services

With our team you receive highly specialized yacht management services available to you around-the-clock, our team of seasoned marine specialists will handle them with clarity, openness, and understanding.

With our state-of-the-art yacht management software to assist us we believe we have all of your needs—along with those of your yacht & crew—completely covered.


Survey & Consulting

From initial consultation through final commissioning and ongoing after-sales support, we will help you, our Client, with every aspect of superyacht project management. We are here to advocate for your interests at every stage, and our goal is to realize your vision without putting you through any stress or agony.

Crew Management

The answer to your yacht's high staff turnover and unqualified crew members. Fema Marine Crew consultants are specifically picked for their expertise in yachting and professional crew management, ensuring that your candidates are more than simply qualified and MLC compliant—they also suit the personality and dynamic of your yacht.

Environmental & Regulatory Compliance

Making sure that your vessels comply with all relevant regulatory and commercial requirements is a challenging and important undertaking. We can show that our yachts are trustworthy, safe, and that they will abide by all applicable laws, including technical and environmental regulations.
We regularly watch and monitor these various, evolving regulations since we have deep knowledge of worldwide compliance needs. We can guide you through safety and regulatory approvals and detail precisely how they impact your vessel.

ISM Compliance

Complete guest and crew safety is ensured by our Safety Management System and Compliance Audits, and our knowledgeable DPAs are available around-the-clock for any troubleshooting or issues. Using our industry leading software platform, managing your ISM compliance is easier than ever. 

Logistic & Purchasing Assisstance

We are here to inform the buyer of the vessel's technical condition.
A vessel can be difficult to purchase. A yacht may be purchased at an excessive price when the proper tool set is lacking, leading to unpleasant surprises after the transaction is complete. The greatest information on the yacht's and her equipment's conditions will be provided by Fema Marine.

Technical Management

Your access to quick, efficient shore-based support from the most skilled Master and Engineer Mariners includes everything from berths and bunkering to repairs, parts, and maintenance schedules.
Our state of the art planned maintenance and operational software, makes yacht maintenance and the day-to-day operations onboard your yacht seamless. 

Accounting Services

Our marine accountants don't simply monitor and confirm spending and billing on your boat; they also offer completely transparent reports and constant access to the yacht's bank accounts and bookkeeping software for the best possible decision-making.

New Build Management

Our new build Managers track quality, technical spec, progress, and execution on every part of your build and provide you with as much or as little reporting as you desire, whether you are actively involved or simply watching from a distance.

Yacht Registration

Depending on the jurisdiction selected, there are a variety of flag state possibilities available with differing legislation and potential tax and crew employment benefits. We can help you register your superyacht and advise you on the best registry.

Refit Management

Evaluation and creation of the vessel work list. Evaluation and comparison of quotes from shipyards. coordinating many providers so they are all committed to completing your project on time

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